Disrupting outsourcing with transparent pricing

We're transforming the outsourcing and nearshoring landscape by championing fair and transparent pricing, ensuring customers have clarity and honesty in an industry ripe for change.

Our mission

Our mission at Teilur Talent is to maximize the growth of remote work opportunities in Latin America, ensuring tech talent receives fair compensation and companies pay only what's necessary.

We aim to transform the outsourcing, nearshoring, and staffing industry through the advocacy of transparent pricing. We envision a future where companies only retain a fair portion of the salary for candidates hired abroad.

Our goal is to lead the industry toward widespread adoption of transparent pricing, thus accelerating remote opportunities and promoting a fairer work environment for all. Discover more about our transparent rate pricing here.

Our vision

We envision a redefined outsourcing, nearshoring, and staffing industry for remote tech talent, where Teilur Talent leads in bridging Latin American professionals with worldwide opportunities.

Our vision champions absolute pricing transparency, ensuring that client payments translate directly into fair talent compensation. With the rise of global connectivity, we foresee a shift away from models burdened by excessive and hidden margins.

Teilur Talent is committed to pioneering this change, guaranteeing that companies globally can engage Latin American tech talent with complete pricing transparency, fostering a just and equitable international workforce.

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