A simple process to apply our job openings

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Apply for a position

The first step is identifying and applying for a vacancy that suits your skills and experience. We manage all applications using an applicant tracking system (ATS).


A recruiter will contact you

If your profile matches the vacancy, a dedicated recruiter will personally contact you. They are eager to better understand your career goals and provide more details about the position.


English test

Next, you will take an English test to assess your proficiency, which is crucial for many of our positions.


Start the process with the client

If you pass the English test, your profile will be sent to the client. First, we review candidates in our ATS. If we don't find suitable candidates, we actively search on LinkedIn. We will prepare the selected candidates with all the necessary information before sending them to the client.


You're hired

If the client selects you after the interviews, we will proceed with your hiring. This cycle repeats until the contract is successfully closed.

We match you with the right talent depending on your business model


Our Fortune 500 partners choose Teilur Talent for a key reason: we don't just find talent with technical skills, we ensure the are the right cultural fit. Before any placement, you have the opportunity to interview all candidates, guaranteeing alignment with your team's needs and dynamics. If you're seeking a partner who offers personalized support and seamlessly integrates with your existing technical team, Teilur Talent is your solution. We are committed to understanding and adapting to the specific processes you require, ensuring that our talent is not just a match, but an extension of your enterprise's capabilities.


As a startup, managing your burn rate and avoiding equity dilution are crucial. At Teilur Talent, we understand these priorities. That's why we offer access to senior engineering talent at rates that align with your financial strategy. Our professionals are not just skilled; they're selected to align with your mission and vision, without straining your cap table or current funding. Choose Teilur Talent to empower your startup with the right expertise, while maintaining your financial health and operational momentum.

Small Business

At Teilur Talent, we support small business by first deeply understanding your unique business model. Our approach is to guide you on how our remote professionals can significantly enhance your operations. Whether it's bolstering customer support, driving business development, or identifying areas to trim costs and boost margins, we're committed to providing solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

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