Top Turing alternative for hiring remote Latin American developers

At Teilur Talent, we deliver the best solutions for businesses seeking top software developers in Latin America. We provide a no-commitment alternative for nearshoring, accessing top talent quickly and easily.
Our transparent pricing model helps retain talent and improve team dynamics. With an end-to-end solution, we take care of every step in the hiring process.
These are the reasons why Teilur Talent is the top Turing alternative.
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Transparent pricing
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No MSAs to get started
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No minimum commitments
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As the top Turing alternative, we know how the Latin American market works.

Teilur Talent has extensive knowledge and experience in the tech market, providing customized solutions to clients. We understand the Latin American culture, values, and work habits, allowing us to offer a personalized experience to our clients. Unlike competitors such as Turing, we don't just provide candidates with specific skills, but also align the team we build for clients with their goals, vision, and culture. Our ultimate goal is to create a perfect fit for a long-term partnership.

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    Talent keeps most of what you pay

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    No initial commitments or retainer fees

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    We handle all the logistics for onboarding and getting you set up

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    We offer flexibility in candidate planning

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What our customers love about Teilur Talent. The top Turing alternative.

"When compared Teilur with some of the big players, we noticed the attention to the detail, and how far was willing to support our demands, we were also thrilled with the pricing transparency"

Madhulika Sharma
Director of QA Engineering at DotDash Meredith
New York, NY

Turing vs. Teilur Talent. Which is the top alternative?

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Transparent fair pricing

One of the main attributes that sets Teilur Talent apart from our competitors, is our transparent pricing policy. Unlike Turing, who do not disclose information on payments, we guarantee that candidates receive at least 80% of the payment our clients make, with no hidden fees.

Our pricing model is focused on a per candidate basis, which gives our clients even more insight into how we manage costs. You can find more information about pricing and easily estimate your cost expectations on our website under the pricing section.

Our 80%-to-candidate model enables our clients to hire and retain the best software engineering talent in Latin America.

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Team focused, not client focused

At Teilur Talent, we understand how Latin American developers work, and we help integrate our developers in a way where they don’t see you as a client but as their team. We work to ensure that they share your mission and values and strive towards the same goals you do. This is critical to the success of our clients' companies.

To connect our clients with the best talent, we evaluate with the help of Generative AI and our own diagnostic procedures.

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The right candidate for your team

At Teilur Talent, we strongly believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients, and we avoid using the term "outsourcing". Unlike Turing, we do not work with freelancers, nor do we rotate  candidates; in Teilur Talent we exclusively hire candidates who are the perfect match for our clients.

Our recruitment process begins with a deep understanding of our clients' values and company culture. Clients of Turing, on the other hand, are given the option to add a couple of questions to evaluate the candidate's values. We also use a combination of Generative AI and the experience of our recruitment team to ensure that our clients and candidates are aligned, and that the cultural bridge is connected.