Teilur Talent, a top BairesDev alternative for LATAM Nearshoring

Teilur Talent offers a no-initial-commitment alternative for nearshoring the best software developers in Latin America. Benefit from transparent flat pricing. Our end-to-end solution takes care of the rest.
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Transparent pricing
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No MSAs to get started
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No minimum commitments
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Interview candidates before they join your team

Unlike BairesDev, we allow our clients to interview candidates before they are placed on their team. This ensures that the selected candidate not only has the necessary technical expertise, but also aligns with the company's mission and vision. We've found that this approach dramatically improves engagement and retention with remote team members.

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    No yearly contracts

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    Pay only when you are ready to hire

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    No initial commitments or retainer fees

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    Talent keeps most of what you pay

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    We only recruit in Latin America

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BairesDev vs. Teilur Talent

bairesDev vs teilur talent

Transparent fair pricing

Transparent pricing is what sets Teilur Talent apart from other nearshoring solutions like BairesDev. Our pricing model is based on a per candidate basis, rather than per account. We also guarantee that candidates receive at least 80% of the amount you pay Teilur Talent. In other words, the candidate who is doing the work receives the majority of the payment.

For example, if you hire a DevOps engineer for $5,000 monthly, with our transparent pricing model, you can be confident that the engineer will receive at least $4,000 (80% of what you pay)—ensuring that the talent doing the work, receives most of the payment.

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Team focused, not client focused

Our developers don't see you as just another "client". They become an integral part of your team, sharing your mission and values as if they were hired locally. The only difference is that they work remotely from outside the U.S.

When mission and vision are part of the hiring process, developers feel like a true member of your team. They don't only work to get the job done, they become a core teammate, collaborating with your local staff with a stronger commitment to the success of your projects.

BairesDevp vs Teilur 3

The right candidate for your team

Our candidates are not rotated or 'assigned' to your team. They are hired exclusively for the role you have available, ensuring a tailored fit. As part of our process, we ensure that candidates align with your interview standards and practices.

Let's say you are a company looking to hire a QA engineer for your web application project. Teilur Talent provides you with a shortlist of pre-vetted candidates who meet technical skills, experience, and salary expectations, but most importantly, they get excited about your company. You then have the opportunity to interview each candidate and select the one that you feel is the best fit for your team and culture.